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  Howard E. Halpern MA
Independent Max International Associate

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Increase Energy
My name is Howard Halpern. I live and work in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This website is about Max International, a maker of products that promote human health and happiness, and my role in it. When I joined Max as an associate in 2010, I was working primarily as a writer. Also a practitioner of yoga, since 1969, I had been working on increasing my energy level for many years.
Sleep Less
Before I commenced the practice of yoga, I was a two-hour insomniac. I needed at least eight hours' sleep per day. In the 1990s I managed to reduce it to seven hours. In 2010 I received a phone call from a brilliant inventor, a British gentleman named Martin Joynes. He was looking for a technical writer.
In the course of our discussions, he introduced me to a natural substance called "glutathione", which accelerates the production of energy in the human body. It also strengthens the immune system and serves as the body's master antioxidant. Glutathione is plentiful in young people but decreases with age.
Do More
I joined Max and began consuming a product called Max One—forerunner of Cellgevity, which is currently our flagship product. Both products enhance the production of glutathione.
I very quickly reduced sleep to six hours per day, with zero negative effect. I gained 30 hours per month. As a result, I was able to get a lot more done.
Build Wealth
One of the most important things I did was to create an affiliate website. Fortunately, I had just completed a contract with IT World Canada as its sole SEO copywriter. There, I trained under the supervision of Mr. Jorge Umana, one of Canada's top search engine optimization technicians.
I was able to optimize my affiliate Max website. As a result, a gentleman from Australia found it and used it to Max products. I received a commission cheque in the mail each month. At that time, the company was issuing paper cheques; now, commissions are typically delivered online. Max One quickly paid for itself in time, money, and energy.
Enhance Productivity
Many people sell techniques that purport to enhance productivity and generate wealth. They give the impression that one size fits all. They say, "If you use my method, you will make more money."
One size does not fit all. Many techniques generate wealth. You need one that is compatible with your personality, financial status, value system, set of goals, and current station in life.
But one thing is certain. If you have more time each day to implement your technique, whatever it may be, and you have the drive to become more successful, you will.
Realize Your Goals
Let me help you increase your capacity to do what you love to do, enhance your financial security, and realize your goals—not next year, not ten years hence, not in your dreams, not in your next lifetime—but now, in this very moment!
Call me at 1-416-398-8255 or text me at 1-647-548-8255 (both numbers 24/7/365).
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