MAX Info & Training Update – Toronto – Jan. 7, 2015

The Max information and training session, held in Toronto on Jan. 7, exceeded my expectations. Although I was not able to arrive at 2:00 p.m. for the session on how to prospect and invite, I caught a glimpse of it, and it was fantastic. The speaker was dynamic, and the content was delivered with extreme precision.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the entire session on goal setting. Not only was the training informative, but I was paired with a gentleman who had a lot of knowledge and experience with Max. From him, I got some really good ideas on how to conduct community outreach in the greater Toronto area, as well as Toronto proper.

The thing that really struck me about this event was the calibre of the people who attended it. I was planning to stay until 9:00 p.m.  I ended up staying till 1:10 a.m. the following morning! It turned out to be an amazing networking opportunity. I met an Internet security expert from Toronto with fascinating ideas on how to develop a website (such as “Max for Health”). I met two people who are running Max-related events outside Toronto proper, but within the greater Toronto area. One will be in Ajax, Ontario, and the other will be in Stouffville.

Apparently, Max International has been making a great effort to reach out to people in local communities throughout Canada and the United States. The idea is to be able to support Max associates no matter where they live and work, even in remote communities.

One of the reasons for my interest in this topic was that I wanted to use this platform—Max for Health—to inform people about what is going on in relation to Max in greater Toronto. I will be disseminating specific information about this in subsequent blogs.

I also had the honor of speaking with one of the top associates in the organization and getting one-to-one training on how to introduce people to the opportunities presented by Max. These include not only the opportunity to improve one’s health, but also to develop a home-based business with unlimited potential for wealth. I know this is true because I have met some people who became very successful and were eventually able to work the business full time.

In fact, some have traveled extensively and brought opportunities to third-world countries, giving people hope in areas where little hope existed. There are some pretty amazing success stories in this regard, and I was impressed with the compassionate nature of the people who belong to this organization.

I even received one-to-one training on how to use the Max iPhone app, which prompts the user to ask specific questions and provide information to people who want to learn more about the company. In fact, the app is so good that a separate contact management system is not required.

I am looking forward to the next event!